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best to leave while yer still lookin

Iam sure Anadrol Vs Dbol I read that somewhere but, regardless, leaving before you overstay your welcome was always something my parents taught me growing up as simple good manners but also for the strategic importance of gittin' while the gittin's good. It seems to be a universal lesson, but one that our country and president have forgotten in Afghanistan.

I must admit, I was somewhat ashamed that our president would apologize to Afghanistan on our behalf for "inadvertently" burning several copies of the Quran that were confiscated from a prison. Newport Anavar Canada Apparently, they were being used by inmates to send messages to each other. flag in the streets of Kabul and the murder of Americans inside the "safe zone" by trusted Afghan allies. Can anyone please explain to me what the hell we are doing in this godforsaken place? War is confusing. Executing war in an atmosphere of cultural ignorance is impossible.

There was a well acted movie starring Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts a few years ago called "Charlie Wilson's War" that concerned, with no little drama, our efforts Comprar Gh Jintropin to help the Afghan rebels get rid of the nasty Russian invaders in 1989. OK, the slate was wiped clean and the Afghans were in a position to set up the type of government they wanted.

Well, not so fast. The Taliban immediately installed an extreme Islamic government and the country was run by strict Islamic code, including deaths by stoning, public beheadings, floggings, honor killings of women who were raped and, well, I guess you get the point. Some Afghans apparently didn't much care for this either.

So, without the passage of too much time, the policemen of planet Earth, the United States, decided to step in and set things right, which we pretty much did at a cost of almost 2,000 American lives and hundreds of billions of dollars. Let me repeat that: hundreds of billions of dollars. democracy.

Now, I am not tapped in to any big "buy cheap jintropin online" think tank in Washington and I don't "buy cheap jintropin online" have any inside information on this, but I will be damned if I can understand why we have wasted so many good American lives and enough money to make a pretty serious dent in our failing education system in a country that, before, during and presently, is supplying the opium that turns into the heroin that continues to cripple a major portion of our population. I am not sure what it is about this country that we find so fascinating. I know for sure they don't find us very interesting any more.

So, here it comes, my personal political analysis of our venture into Afghanistan. Making a 21st century democratic state out of a 15th century feudal society based on tribal allegiances didn't work, and will never work. We are getting out in 2015? No, I heard last night it is now down to 2013. I say pack our bags and get out now.

If we didn't learn in Vietnam the futility of fighting an entrenched, dedicated people willing to die for their beliefs, we are sure missing the point of the repeat lesson at a time when we can morally and financially least afford it.

And yes, I do fault President Obama and every other politician (for they are certainly not statesmen) who has voted to continue this travesty in any way, shape or form. But then again, we are at Buy Anavar Uk 50mg fault for not demanding that they stop. President Eisenhower prophetically warned against our nation's military industrial complex becoming so powerful in the Department of Defense that the best interests of our country would be overwhelmed by pure purchasing power and would compel us to Comprar Gh Jintropin stay in a warlike state without the support of the people.

We are not defending anyone here. We are spending our children's children's wealth to slaughter people we do not know, who surely do not know us and never will. We will never understand the mind of these people, nor will they ever embrace the system of democracy that, in some cases but certainly not this one, has worked well for our people.

I, for one, though extraordinarily proud of this country and of those who are so willing to step forward for the rest "Jintropin China Supplier" of us, am embarrassed for what the world must think of our meddling attempts to foist our morals and system upon so many places around the world. The Afghans are going to get exactly what they are willing to stand up and fight for and it is certainly not the American way. They will continue to kill our men and women, take our money, burn our flag and will most surely try to shoot down the last American aircraft leaving Afghanistan for home.

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